Automating & Digitizing KYC Procedures via Power Platform

About Client

The client is a consultancy firm based in the UK that provides bespoke business solutions to organizations.

Business Requirement

The client wanted a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to digitally onboard customers by capturing correct information via registration and document submissions from across the geographies they serve.

Their primary requirement was to do away with the manual verification of customers’ passport data and case initiation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

CCS Solution

A Power Apps Portal was set up to help the client’s customers complete their registration process and upload KYC-related documents like passport, driver’s license, etc., which get stored in the SharePoint document library.

KYC processes were automated and optimized with Power Automate, which uses AI Builder and provides AI capabilities and models.

Trained the AI model with various passport formats to extract the required information.

On initiation of flow, information from the uploaded passport would get extracted and validated using 3rd party APIs for KYC verification.

The customer and the concerned authority would get notified on completion of the KYC verification for further action.

After KYC verification, the Power Automate flow creates an account for the customer and initiates the case in Dynamics 365 CE.

Business Benefits

CCS Power Platform Developers helped the client automate KYC processes and digitally onboard customers across the UK.

Sped the customer registration and verification process and reduced manual intervention.

The Power Platform-based KYC process automated time-consuming workflow and helped the client overcome cumbersome KYC compliance procedures.

The simple onboarding process improved the customer experience and relationship.

Customer acquisition improved by 3x.